How Do I Install PHPNuke?


You can choose to install PHP-Nuke from inside the cPanel and it will install it with one click but we recommend that you do an install yourself so that you get the latest version of the software.

Note: Using older versions of software may contain security risks and bugs that have been fixed in more current versions.

Once having downloaded the archive from the downloads page, follow these steps to get the online shop running:

  1. Untar the package into the directory you want to use on you web server, if you're unsure where that is, ask you system administrator. (Windows users can use WinZip or WinRAR to uncompress .tar.gz files)
  2. Now go to the directory where you uncompressed all files and edit the file "config.php". Change all the fields until you are happy with the changes and they fits the need of your web site. Give special attention to the database configuration section. When you have finished to edit config.php file change to the /sql/ directory and there is a file called "nuke.sql" this file contains the commands to build the database structure, tables and the default data.
  3. Create a database called nuke inside your cPanel. See Creating a Database for more information.
  4. Click on phpMyAdmin.
  5. Choose the Database nuke from the drop down.
  6. Click on the SQL Tab and a text box will appear on the page.
  7. Open the nuke.sql file in the /SQL/ directory where you unzipped it.
  8. Select all the text (Ctrl + A)
  9. Copy the text (Ctrl + C)
  10. Paste the text from the nuke.sql to phpMyAdmin text box
  11. Click Go
  12. Edit the file "config.php" to set the database options. Please read carefully the instruction in that file.
  13. Open your browser to and follow the instructions.



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