How Do I Change Email Passwords Via Webmail
(without Using Cpanel)


There are times, especially in small business, when it is necessary for an employee to change their email password, but to have the site adminstrator do this via Cpanel is a drain on his or her time.

You can have your employees change their password as often as they like on their own via webmail.

To change an email password using webmail:

  1. Bring up your webmail:
  2. Log into webmail using the employee's username and current password
  3. Follow the link at the bottom of the screen there is a link to "Change Password"
  4. Type in the new password twice to confirm and click "Change Password"

Your new password has now been saved

Note: Make sure that you change the password in your offline e-mail application as well, or you will not be able to upload or download e-mail to this account.



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